Gabriella Rivelli

Gabriella Rivelli gained her piano diploma (full marks) with Maestro Valentino Di Bella at the "F. Morlacchi" Conservatory of Perugia, where she studied composition with Maestro Fernando Sulpizi. She perfected her studies with Lya de Barberiis, by attending her courses at Castelfranco Veneto and at the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome. As she was interested in chamber music, she completed some masterclasses at the Respighi Academy in Assisi with Maestro Vilmos Tatrai.

She was finalist in the "Città di Salerno" and Albenga competitions as a soloist and "Città di Gaeta" (in a piano duo) and she won first prize in 1977 in a competition in Catanzaro. She played both as a soloist and in a duo in various cities; in August 1980 she was invited to the Estate Musicale Lucchese and in June 1986 in Hungary, where she performed the Mozart Quartets with the Danubius Quartet. She also performed with orchestra in Perugia and at the University of Pisa. She has been invited to various festivals (International Peace Festival of Assisi in 1999 and 2002 and the Valentiniano Festival of Terni in 2002).

She also played in duo with Corrado Peronelli, performing innovative programmes which have attracted great interest.
She has held a Chair of Principal Piano in State Conservatories for over 20 years. After 17 years of service at G. Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro, she is now Professor at the Music Conservatory (Institute of High Arts and Music) of Perugia, where she currently lives. She held also a Course of Piano Duet for the II Level Academic Degrees. She has been president of the Artistic commission for "Piccole Mani – Pietro Squartini" National Piano Competition of Perugia since 1989.

Press release…
Il Giornale dell'Umbria, Thursday 4th January, 2007
…In the magical space of the "Concordia Theatre" a series of extraordinary events are scheduled… on start with the piano duo Rivelli-Peronelli, a concert not to miss….
La Voce, Friday November 4th, 2005
Roaring success for the "Franciscan" concert of our pianist Gabriella Rivelli
An extraordinary and memorable artistic evening on October 27th at the "Auditorium Marianum" of Perugia. [...] An in-depth musical journey in its melodic, rhythmic and harmonic developing.
Corriere dell'Umbria, Wednesday 7th January, 2004
Musical moments …the inspiration and originality of the pianist Rivelli came out in Rachmaninov's "Six Musical Moments" Op. no. 16, a clear example of interpretive difficulty recognised even by the composer. But as we know Rivelli loves challenges – which she always overcomes brilliantly.
La Nazione, Friday 19th May, 2000
A cascade of pearls
A cascade of pearls from the piano of Gabriella Rivelli with Schubert and Prokofiev.the Fazioli piano of Amadeus is incredibly well-defined, it seems like shining silk on to which the notes falllike a rain of pearls.
Spoleto '90 – 10th June, 1999
Fascinating Brahms interpretation
…this illustrious artist leaves aside the usual choices, putting into her programme authors and composers rarely performed… a deeply felt interpretation of Fantasy Op. 116 of Brahms… she has enhanced that late romantic Wagnerian harmony of Franck, showing interest in polyphony and respecting classical forms…
La Voce, Friday 15th May, 1998
Great music at S. Martino in Campo
Gabriella Rivelli confirms her being an exquisite pianist with that unmistakable touch we know, who avoids tricks and easy sensationalism…
Corriere Adriatico, Monday 4th July, 1994
Unforgettable evening for two pianos
It will be difficult for those present at “Concert for Two Pianos” to forget the emotions aroused by such a performance. A truly wonderful evening.
La Voce, Sunday 29th May, 1988
…she showed her full maturity, with an attentive reading and careful study of the music, unveiling Schubert, Schumann and Brahms' secrets of content and musical language. All this carried out with interpretive verve in a programme which requires unusual application and skill.
Petofi Nepe – Wednesday 1st October, 1986
A Danubius vonosnegyes
Gabriella Rivelli zongoramuveszno kozremukodesevel, aki Mozart G-moll… (Gabriella Rivelli, italian virtuoso pianist, raised the audience's enthusiasm with a wonderful performance of Mozart's Quartet in G-moll, characterized by a real italian musicality and perfect technique… Splendid performance…)
Prospettive Meridionali – April 1986
Concert for two pianos Rivelli-Trevisan
Rivelli has a style which comes close to purity and perfection. The musicality is elegant and balanced… Excellent interpreters, perfect understanding and precision. With Milhaud's Scaramouche and Lutoslawsky's variations they excited the audience, by unleashing their pure virtuoso technique.
Gazzetta del Sud – May 5th, 1983
Classic music in Cassano Jonio
The pianist Gabriella Rivelli performed a very successful concert in the Municipal Theatre…
Tribuna Sud – June 18th, 1982
Pianist Rivelli in concert
Also in this concert… she showed excellent skilfulness and musicality in her personal romantic interpretation… Thunderous applause.

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