The Duo

Corrado e GabriellaThe Duo
The Rivelli-Peronelli piano duo was formed to attract a larger public to traditional concert music and to offer and promote original and innovative programmes bringing together different genres. The duo was a great success for the enthusiasm aroused.

Press release…

Il Giornale dell'Umbria, Thursday 4th January, 2007
Music in Montecastello di Vibio
In the magic space of the "Concordia Theatre", a series of extraordinary events are scheduled… On start with the piano duo Rivelli-Peronelli, a concert not to miss…
Corriere dell'Umbria, Wednesday 7th January, 2004
Musical Moments
The perfect couple in life as in music presented a four-handed version of famous soundtracks, beautifully devised by Maestro Peronelli… Once again, the Rivelli-Peronelli couple did not just show "fleeting prominence", as some said, but once again gave an "added value"…
Corriere dell'Umbria, Tuesday 3rd September, 2002
“Sacred and Profane Love” at the Metastasio, Assisi
Assisi Festival 2002 – 7th International Peace Festival – August 30th – September 7th, 2002.
La Nazione, Sunday 17th February, 2002
Palazzo Gazzoli – "a recital based on love"
…Great success of Gabriella Rivelli and Corrado Peronelli's piano concert…
La Voce – Friday 18th May, 2001
…The first part of the piano recital was played by the pianist Rivelli who with great technical and cultural daring caused passages to really take flight, despite their difficulty of execution and interpretation… the two pianists Rivelli and Peronelli presented a sequence offourteen Beatles songs. The songs arranged by Maestro Peronelli were interspersed with musical quotations from Nino Rota, Bob Dylan, Claudio Baglioni and the Maestro himself.
Giornale dell'Umbria, Thursday 17th May, 2001
…Gabriella Rivelli and Corrado Peronelli conquered the public with an homage to the Beatles… a singular musical couple: always praiseworthy for their knowledge, application, research and above all for their perfect togetherness which they have always been able to transfer from private to professional activity (rara avis) as demonstrated by this work on The Beatles. Two people who are increasingly important figures in the panorama of musical culture in Umbria, and not just Umbria.
La voce, Friday 16th March, 2001
“From Schubert to The Beatles” …the lyrical and dramatic character and the virtuoso elements produced by the clear sound of the pianists thanks to great ability coupled with great technical and expressive power… an unusual scenario, the collection of fourteen Beatles songs, arranged by Maestro Corrado Peronelli, which was an unusual, may be unique programme.

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